8 Customer Service Myths That Conceal Some Facts!

Customer Service Myths

Every business wants to ensure customer satisfaction, and customer support teams play a vital role in this case. Your customers can increase in number or fall like a house of cards anytime, and the customer service team can contribute to both situations.

For this, all the strategies of your business should be well-planned. Some customer service myths may hold you back from successful customer service.

In this article, we will talk about the myths and the facts so you can distinguish accordingly. Also, we will walk you through some useful tips to make your business easier to handle. So, let’s dive right in!

8 Common Customer Service Myths

And, now are getting to the heart of our discussion, most myths about customer service.

Customer Service

1. Your Business Promotion Doesn’t Depend on Customer Satisfaction

People often have  ‘damn care’ feeling about their business promotion. I mean, they believe that it doesn’t relate to customer satisfaction. If you think the same, we will help you to work on it.

Of course, you’ll spend on marketing and advertisements to do a great job of showing your work. However, advertisements may not be enough. Customer satisfaction is a big matter of factor because people who love their experiences will want others to enjoy the same.

According to different statistical data, 72% of happy customers usually share positive experiences with 6 or more people. And, most of them do it by posting online reviews. So, now you can guess how easy it is to spread the reviews among your new customers.

2. The Customer Can’t Be Wrong

If you’ve ever been in any training sessions of customer service agents, you may heard the words ‘the customer is always right!’. But it’s not entirely true.

Of course, the customer service agents bend to a customer’s will as much as possible. But the dissatisfaction of your customer is a continuous issue, you should check things with more care.

Since the business owners also try their best to provide quality services, it’s better not to allow any customer to walk over all your agents. This can let the customers go on with their bad behaviour.

So, make sure that your customer service agents are powerful enough to solve the customer’s issues, at the same time, they follow your company protocol.

3. Customers Aren’t Complaining Means They’re Happy

So, you’re not getting any complaints from your customers for months and you’re in relax thinking that everything’s going great. No, that’s not what’s happening here.

According to experts, 70-90% of customers are not involved in giving complaints whereas only around 20% of customers complain while facing an issue with the services. So, what are the 70-90% customers doing throughout the time?

Chances are they’re exploring the services provided by your competitors. Yes, that’s what most customers do because there’s always a chance to get something better with new changes.

4. You Don’t Have to Worry About Technology

You Don’t Have to Worry About Technology

When someone asks, what is customer service myths, I always think about technology.

You may think that customer satisfaction is all about smiling with good gestures and delivering their products or services. But it’s not. Your customers remember every piece of experience they have when working with you.

Technology is a can’t-ignore aspect in this ever-developing modern world. The website or mobile app you use for your business must be easy to access, and easy to navigate, and the pages should load quickly.

According to Neil Patel, most customers become unhappy if the web pages do not load in 2 seconds or even less. Potential buyers will not think twice about looking for a different store if your page doesn’t load quickly.

Sad, isn’t it?

So, make your customers feel that their time is valuable and take the technological parts seriously.

5. Customer Service Is All About Resolving Issues

No, customer service is not all about fixing bugs or resolving issues; it’s beyond that. You need to actively listen to your customers’ concerns, relate to their emotions, and express care.

Simply put, you need to show empathy along with quality services. This aspect is important for creating strong and emotional bonds with your customers.

When you acknowledge your client’s pain rather than the argument of why your business is flawless, you’re more likely to create more practical relationships with your customers.

So, make your customers feel that you’re here to truly help them, resolve their issues, and follow up to know if things are okay. 

6. AI Is Enough for Customer Service, Humans Are Not Required Anymore

Read that again, it even sounds funny! Although AI-based services such as bots are immensely helpful for a business, there will always be a need for knowledgeable humans no matter what.

Indeed, chatbots are one of the greatest additions as customers get answers from the ‘FAQ’ sections 24/7. Also, chatbots can communicate to multiple users at a time. It’s helpful for business as well since it reduces team fatigue and human costs.

However, AI has limitations when it comes to providing personalized services, building relationships, and working through complicated issues.

AI works great in repetitive tasks which is helpful to some extent. But think about a situation when your customer needs more creative and fulfilling responses. According to recent statistics, 47% of Gen Z simply will switch from a brand after having one bad customer service experience.

Therefore, you need to take every interaction seriously. Know that AI plus humans can be a perfect package to solve most consumers’ issues but solely AI is not enough.

7. Customers Concern More About Price Than Service

Most customers indeed want to pay low prices but they still keep quality service on top of everything. Everyone wants to get high-quality service at affordable prices. However, if you let them choose one option, they will go for good quality service over price.

According to Forbes, 58% of customers don’t have any issues paying more for better customer service. However, there are some points to consider as well.

For example, generations and ages can make a difference in this case. Statistics say that newer generations such as Gen-Z and Millenials are willing to pay 60% and 62% respectively for better customer service. On the contrary, only 46% of Baby Boomers are willing to do so.

Therefore, it’s always better to keep the customers’ psychological facts in mind before you set the pricing strategies for your business.

8. Satisfied Customers Mean Loyal Forever

Satisfied Customers Mean Loyal Forever

Does huge customer satisfaction always equal loyal customers? No! Customer satisfaction is identified with a happy response. On the other hand, loyalty refers to how long your customer is with your business.

Loyal customers are not just satisfied with your service, they love your service. They recommend your service to their families, friends, and loved ones.

However, the good news is it’s easy to convert your satisfied customers to loyal ones. Increase engagement with your customers, invest in loyalty programs, and use metrics to improve your business as these will help increase the number of loyal customers.

Tips to Deliver The Best Customer Service

Let’s admit that customers’ psychology has a lot to do when the discussion about customer service. The agents should be careful about how customers react and behave while cooperating with them.

Below are a few tips for you to deliver excellent customer service every time.

  • Understand your customers; know their intent and why they are investing in your product. Ask your customers about their experience and get better clarity about what they expect.
  • Trai your customer service team. Teach them to be patient, empathetic, and skilled enough to solve most of the issues your customers can face.
  • Improve communication skills. Make your customers feel heard by practising active listening. Use positive language and don’t fear to admit your mistakes.
  • Try to close every conversation correctly and don’t forget to follow up once a problem is solved.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, we successfully made you aware of the most common customer service myths. This discussion should help you have a crystal clear idea about how you should manage your customer service team along with your customers.

Making sure that your customers and customer service team are happy is equally important. So, don’t miss any point

Afrin Mithee is a freelance writer who helps SaaS companies build an audience and get more paying clients online. Her SEO practices and digital marketing strategies help to show up businesses and reach a larger range of customers.

Afrin Mithee
Author’s Bio

Afrin Mithee is a freelance writer who helps SaaS companies build an audience and get more paying clients online. Her SEO practices and digital marketing strategies help to show up businesses and reach a larger range of customers.

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