Top 15 Customer Analytics Companies in 2024

Ever feel like running a business is a bit like trying to read minds? Well, that is where customer analytics companies come in!

These companies decode customer behavior and collect all important data for you. We know that understanding what your customers want, planning for the future, and keeping costs in check become daily struggles for a business.

I will share the top 15 companies that are famous for customer research and analytics. These companies help you to bring success to your business by attracting more target audiences. 

What Is Customer Analytics?

Customer analytics is a tool that helps them understand, attract, and keep customers happy. By looking at data, companies can make better products, improve services, and decide smart things for more profit.

You can know what customers want. In marketing and sales, you can also what customers might do next using customer analytics. Customer analytics work as a map to guide you in creating a great customer experience.

The Problems Customer Analytics Companies Solve

Customer analytics companies help you to solve challenges that you may face at any time. You can need help dealing with customer behavior, needs, and preferences.

So, these companies focus on improving customer experiences and overall efficiency.

1. Understanding Customers Better

What is the specialized field for these companies? They are good at categorizing customers based on their attributes and behaviors.

They analyze data from surveys, transactions, web activity, social media, and customer feedback. This information assists businesses in customizing their products, services, and marketing.

2. Planning for the Future

A wise person always makes plans for the future to tackle every odd situation. Customer analytics enterprises also play a significant role in helping businesses predict their future revenue.

They examine data and trends related to sales, marketing, pricing, costs, and external influences. These firms help estimate upcoming earnings. They help businesses grow by creating successful growth plans.

3. Saving Money

While running a business, most businessmen face difficulties in dealing with costs. They try to save money, but sometimes it becomes impossible. Does it happen to you as well?

Customer analytics firms help businesses by identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs. They check business data, like operations, supply chain, quality, and good customer service

4. Managing Risks

For managing risk, customer analytics firms collect information from finance, law, environment, social, and tech using scoring and sentiment analysis. This keeps businesses safe, protecting assets, reputation, and stakeholders while following rules and standards.

A recent study shows us that, customer analytics can accurately identify customers at risk of leaving with up to 90% accuracy (McKinsey & Company).

5. Fixing Data Issues

Data issues are a huge challenge that most businesses face. If you don’t handle it on time, it becomes the reason for your business’s downfall.  

So, customer analytics firms gather information from different places by teaming up with IT to access operational systems and use new analytics tools. This ensures that all the data is linked, helping businesses decide faster.

So, these are some problems that customer analytics enterprises solve for you. As a result, by solving these problems with their help, your business can achieve its goals. Let’s learn about the 15 best companies for customer analytics.

Top 15 Customer Analytics Companies

I believe you know what problems these companies solve. Now, it is time to learn about the top 15 customer journey analytics companies. Knowing about these companies will help you to choose the right solution.

1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

It holds the first position among customer analytics companies! Salesforce Marketing GPT, previously called Marketing Cloud, is a customer analytics company that uses smart AI to make marketing more creative, efficient, and personalized. It helps businesses move from old-fashioned ways to smarter strategies for better connections with customers.

It turns customer data into action professionally. This company tracks marketing success and uses AI for insights. From increasing ROI by 28% to increasing customer lifetime value by 27%, it is imposing.

  • Starts from $400. (It depends on the features that you want to take)
  • See the Big Picture: Know everything about your customers from different sources.
  • Target Your People: Use smart segments to reach exactly who you want.
  • Make Things Personal: Customize experiences in emails, on mobile, and on social media.
  • Predict with AI: Let AI predict and decide things automatically.
  • Works with Salesforce CRM: Easily connects with Salesforce CRM for a clear view.
  • Grows with You: Handles lots of contacts as your business grows.
  • Takes Time to Learn: Might be a bit tricky initially, so some training is needed.
  • Can Get Pricey: Costs can go up if you use fancy features a lot.
  • Customization is Tricky: Making complex changes needs tech knowledge.
  • Connecting Can be Tough: Sometimes it is not smooth when connecting with other tools.
  • Reports Need Work: The reports could be simpler to use; they are difficult to understand

2. Oracle


Oracle holds the second position on this list as they offer CX Analytics. It is a cloud tool that brings sales, marketing, and service data together This company’s tool helps you analyze data collaboratively, whether you’re on your own, with your team, or running a big business. It is easy to set up and takes care of updates automatically.

  • Starts from $80 per month (can be high based on the features).
  • Handles loads of customer data from everywhere.
  • Highly user-friendly, easily handles a large number of users/employees at once.
  • Enables smooth generation of various reports, showcasing advanced and intelligent features.
  • Users appreciate the overall functionality and ease of use.
  • Getting good with Oracle’s tools needs time and effort.
  • Not a suitable option for SMEs
  • Sensitivity to poor internet connections may lead to prolonged data import times.
  • Users may encounter occasional glitches, requiring logins and interruptions.
  • Some users find acquisition and adaptation to be more challenging compared to previous software experiences.

3. Microsoft


Microsoft offers the best tools for customer analytics, known as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. It is a tool that gathers info about customers such as what they buy, how they act, and more. It then creates detailed profiles and gives real-time insights for things like marketing and customer engagement.

From a recent success story, we know that enhanced customer satisfaction by 12% and decreased support tickets by 25% (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights success stories).

  • Starts from around $1500 per month (It can be high based on the features)
  • Works the best for flexibility and growth.
  • Easily connects with Dynamics 365 CRM for a clear view of customers.
  • Makes awesome data visuals and reports to share insights easily.
  • Pricing is quite high and it increases when you add any feature 
  • Sorting out messy or scattered data can take some time.

4. Adobe


Adobe is another famous company that offers the best customer analytics tool. They have introduced the Experience Platform for customer analytics.

Adobe Experience Platform is a versatile solution with features like data collection, analytics, and marketing automation. It makes handling customer data at scale easy for personalized experiences. 

With its applications, you can create personalized customer experiences on a big scale.

  • $279 per month (it can be high based on the features you add)
  • It’s a fantastic tool for understanding how customers navigate your website and tracking revenue and marketing metrics.
  • Packed with powerful features like Channel and Marketing Analytics, plus Predictive Analytics.
  • Learning to analyze data is a breeze, making it easy to comprehend.
  • Dependency on developers for extensions can be challenging.
  • The learning curve demands pro-level skills for effective navigation.
  • Implementation can be tough with fewer out-of-the-box integrations compared to Google Analytics.
  • Initial usage might be challenging, requiring a deep study for full understanding.
  • Adobe Analytics may experience occasional slowdowns, and some tools may not work correctly, leading to frustration.

5. SAP Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience has got businesses covered when it comes to managing customer interactions and data.  They use different customer service tips and tricks to offer the best customer experience.

  • Starts from $58 per month
  • SAP is well-regarded and great for long-term use.
  • It is a powerful tool that can transform customer service with best practices.
  • Works well in BPOs, offering robust customization.
  • Easily integrates with other SAP systems and provides a variety of reports.
  • Users find the interface challenging.
  • Slower than competitors and can be cumbersome to operate.
  • Implementation can be tough, leading to user dissatisfaction.
  • Searches are slow at times.

6. SAS Customer Intelligence

SAS Customer Intelligence

SAS Customer Intelligence holds the 6th position among the best 15 companies for customer analytics.  It is a tool that helps with customer relationships and marketing. It lets them use what they know about customers to send personalized messages through different channels. 

  • Starts from $500
  • Optimize and enhance your company’s marketing with this company.
  • Offers an open data model and dynamic data collection.
  • Post-data-collection contextualization for better insights.
  • Captures anonymous behavior and employs predictive models.
  • Utilizes forecasting and goal-seeking routines.
  • Dynamic content placement for effective marketing strategies.
  • Expensive for medium and small firms.
  • Visualizations could be improved.
  • The price is considered very high; a review is suggested

7. Amazon


Amazon has introduced Redshift which you can use for customer analytics, holding the seventh position in our list. It helps businesses to make the right decisions on time by analyzing customer behavior, their requirements, and other valuable data. This tool combines info for strong analytics, real-time use, and AI/ML. 

  • Redshift is a good data warehouse, especially if you have a skilled team.
  • Setting up is easy since it follows AWS rules.
  • You can use it on different devices and integrate with RStudio.
  • It’s the best for storing and processing data in the cloud.
  • Offers speed, easy use, and reliability, giving more time for projects and better business visibility.
  • Sometimes, connections may break or show strange errors.
  • No consumer support or contact from an account manager.
  • Not as flexible as competitors like Snowflake or BigQuery.
  • Only 50 users at once, which is low compared to others.
  • Scaling options are limited with Redshift.

8. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform offers products like Compute Engine and Cloud Storage for customer analytics. From virtual machines to top-notch storage, GCP has it all. Free-tier products like Compute Engine and Cloud Storage have specified limits, making them cost-effective. Whether you are into container orchestration, building apps, or running containers, GCP makes it easy.

  • Starts from $999. 
  • The detailed documentation makes finding information easy.
  • The interface is clean and user-friendly for straightforward tasks.
  • Google Cloud has all the essentials for hosting, offering reliable service.
  • It’s easy to learn and provides safety for important data.
  • Slow internet at work may cause issues with the platform.
  • Finding how to stop unnecessary billing requires digging.
  • Storage limits without payment can be restrictive without a plan.
  • Suspicious activity may lead to Google blocking access, affecting site functionality.

9. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud combines platform and infrastructure services to suit small large enterprises. It provides a reliable environment for building solutions quickly. With a focus on compliance, security, and efficient management, IBM Cloud allows rapid deployment worldwide. This empowers you to analyze customer data effectively and with ease.

  • Great storage capabilities with an affordable package for our company size.
  • Positive overall experience, good support, and tools for acceleration.
  • Easy integration and quick start after purchase.
  • Automatic scaling for workload efficiency.
  • Confidence in data security.
  • Data transfer issues during peak hours can be challenging.
  • Large references may cause browser problems.
  • Occasional slowness and synchronization delays, along with limited memory.

10. Attest

Attest offers the best consumer insights platform, They use online surveys to effortlessly collect data from 59 countries and connect with 125 million people.

It offers a tool that ensures all the different processes in a company work smoothly. It creates maps of these processes, helps identify impacts when things change, and even automates testing. This tool ensures everything in your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Starts from $100 per month 
  • ATTEST simplifies ERP testing, reducing resource needs during and after implementation.
  • Test results support compliance and serve as future references for auditors.
  • Great for testing Financial, SCM, Manufacturing, and critical reports.
  • Initial investment is needed for mapping business scenarios and test scripts.

11. Decision Analyst

Decision Analyst

Decision Analysts is famous for advanced customer analytics. Their tool helps you to optimize marketing strategies, build strong brands, and improve customer experiences. Decision Analyst is known for its satisfaction, data quality, and on-time delivery. They offer free stats software for marketing researchers, making things easier for beginners

  • Flexible software solves many corporation issues.
  • Great documentation, webinars, and events for quick progress.
  • Easy for non-tech users to start, with excellent support for workflow/rule building.
  • Reports and Dashboards need improvement in user-friendliness.
  • Editing is difficult for running instances or restarting workflows from a failed step.
  • Some steps during flow design lack documentation or description, causing difficulty.

12. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey ensures data security, connects with key systems, and boasts advanced tools. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a small business, SurveyMonkey simplifies feedback into growth. With 175 million respondents, it’s the top choice for timely and secure customer analytics.

  • Starts from $25 per month 
  • Great overall experience, successful outcomes with surveys.
  • Easy and time-efficient setup for market research surveys.
  • Ability to incentivize survey participation by paying respondents.
  • A good tool for improving survey quality with a structured and professional interface.
  • User-friendly, allows exporting survey results in various formats.
  • The survey had to be resent with “Name” as a required question, causing failure.
  • Sometimes too simple, and survey links may not work for some people.
  • Limited file formats are allowed.
  • Boring structure and theme might lead to participant disinterest and incomplete surveys.

13. Statista


Statista is known for its customer analytics, It has served 170+ industries and 150+ countries. Trusted by 23,000+ companies, it provides reliable insights into consumer behavior and brand interactions.

With a user-friendly platform, it offers solutions for data, news, and expert research, catering to diverse needs. From free Basic to detailed Professional Accounts, Statista ensures easy access and savings

  • Starts from $549
  • Helpful for research problems and provides needed information.
  • The ability to show any demographic is quite helpful.
  • High-quality data with nice, simple visualizations.
  • Very pricey with hidden charges.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t provide the required information for research proposals.

14. Brandwatch


Brandwatch collects customer data from different platforms, tracks trends, and uses smart AI to keep you informed. You can manage all your social interactions and customer chats in one place. With strong analytics and shared insights, Brandwatch helps you understand and engage with your customers. 

  • Starts from $800 per month
  • Great for posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • A versatile and user-friendly tool with good support.
  • Nice design, handy calendar, and easy post-scheduling.
  • Awesome customer support, a top-notch social media management tool.
  • Insights and reporting need improvement, with confusing features.
  • Limited scheduling formats and a less useful phone app.

15. Hotjar


The last company that we have on our list of customer analytics companies is Hotjar. Hotjar lets you see how people use your website. It uses heatmaps to highlight popular and unpopular elements on pages. Hotjar’s all-in-one platform provides insights into user behavior through interviews, behavioral insights, and feedback.

  • Price starts from $39 per month up to $599 per month depending on the features 
  • Hotjar is easy to set up with a simple interface.
  • It gives valuable insights into customer activity on our website.
  • The heatmap and user session recording tools help understand user behavior.
  • The Pools feature is surprisingly effective for asking targeted questions.
  • Customer support is responsive and professional.
  • Upgrading to a premium plan in Hotjar can be costly.
  • Some users may worry about privacy when using Hotjar.

Wrapping Up 

Finally, customer analytics helps businesses to understand customers, save money, and also in business growth.

These companies help with everyday business challenges. Like getting to know your customers, planning, and saving some money. Customer analytics helps businesses to make smart choices and keep customers smiling.

So, choose any of these companies and their offered tool, and use them in your business.

Tabassum Kabir is a customer success enthusiast and CX blogger. Her writing not only inform but also empower professionals to excel in the dynamic landscape of customer success.

Tabassum Kabir
Author’s Bio

Tabassum Kabir is a customer success enthusiast and CX blogger. Her writing not only inform but also empower professionals to excel in the dynamic landscape of customer success.

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