Top 10 HR Chatbots with Benefits in 2024

HR Chatbot

A great invention of the latest technology is HR chatbots. These chatbots handle the HR responsibility without making any errors.

You can get many benefits by using these chatbots for HR services. So, what are these benefits, and how does a company use chatbots? You will learn it here.

What is an HR Chatbot?

An HR chatbot is a virtual helper for a company’s HR team. It talks to people using artificial intelligence, making tasks like screening job applicants, setting up interviews, and managing employee referrals easier.

This tool reads and understands conversations using AI, giving appropriate responses. Essentially, it is a digital assistant using smart tech to handle HR jobs. This tool makes things smoother for both employees and the HR team.

A recent study shows that 47% of organizations are already using chatbots for HR, and 53% plan to implement them within the next two years. (Source: Gartner)

Chatbot for HR services

Wondering how chatbots help or work for HR services? The answer is pretty simple. HR AI chatbots transform HR services by automating many tasks. These tools streamline processes and enhance employee experiences.

Chatbots for HR are designed with advanced AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). They efficiently handle a range of HR tasks, from recruitment to performance reviews. These tools automate repetitive tasks.

Well, here, chatbots handle repetitive tasks like answering questions and managing leave, freeing up HR pros for strategic work. They provide fast, accurate responses. It ensures employees get the info they need.

A recent study shows us that Companies using chatbots report a 20% increase in employee satisfaction. (Source: ManyChat)

Chatbots for HR improve productivity and help with remote work, making the workplace more transparent and engaging. They analyze data to improve HR services continuously. Basically, they are the key to modern HR. These hatbots link efficiency with employee happiness.

Top 6 Benefits of HR Chatbot 

HR chatbot help HR departments by speeding up their work processes. This tool provides instant answers to questions and saves money. So, besides these, you can also get some benefits by using HR AI chatbots.

1. Speed Things Up

HR chatbot automates tasks like recruitment and leave management. It turns days of work into hours. This speedy process makes everything run smoother and faster.

2. Answer Questions Easily

Chatbot for HR understands and responds to employee queries instantly. This tool ensures everyone gets the right information whenever they need it. This quick response time improves employee satisfaction and keeps things moving smoothly.

3. Keep Things Right

HR chatbot platform provides consistent and accurate responses. By doing it, this tool ensures fairness in all interactions. This is important for maintaining trust and transparency within the organization. Especially when it is about HR policies and procedures.

4. Get More Done

With the chatbot handling routine tasks, HR professionals can focus on strategic initiatives. It includes talent development and planning. This shift from ordinary to meaningful work boosts overall productivity and adds value to the organization.

5. Make Hiring Easier

Chatbot streamlines the hiring process. It notifies employees about job openings, reviews qualifications, and scheduling interviews. This tool even assists with onboarding tasks. This simplification saves time and resources. It also ensures a smooth recruitment experience for both candidates and HR teams.

6. Save Money

Usually, implementing chatbots is a cost-effective solution for organizations. They reduce the need for additional HR staff and training expenses. Their adaptability and efficiency result in significant cost savings. These tools also help in maintaining high-quality HR services.

HR Chatbot Use Cases

When HR departments use chatbots, they use it in many cases. The reason is HR chatbots bring efficiency to their work. But, what are the cases where the HR department uses a chatbot? You will learn it here.

  • Recruitment Process

HR AI chatbots make recruitment easier by taking on tasks such as screening resumes and conducting initial interviews. They quickly go through resumes, picking out the top candidates based on specific criteria.

Usually, this speeds up hiring and makes sure everyone gets a fair trial. Chatbots can even chat with potential candidates in early interviews. This reduces the load for HR people and lets them concentrate on finding the right people for the job.

  • Onboarding Process

When new employees start their journey, the onboarding process sets the tone for what’s ahead. AI HR chatbots step in to make this process smoother by giving them all the important details about company rules, culture, and their specific role.

Chatbots make onboarding simpler by handling tasks like form-filling and account setup, making things less dull. They also help beginners meet their team and mentors. This makes it easier to fit in and be part of the company vibe from the start.

  • HR Processes

Chatbots are great at handling regular HR tasks like managing leave, sorting out reimbursements, and answering payroll questions. They do it all automatically, so everything gets done quickly and accurately. This makes employees happy and gives HR teams more time for other important stuff.

  • Internal Engagement

HR chatbots keep the work environment positive by regularly checking in with employees and asking for feedback. They also help share important updates and encourage team bonding. This makes everyone feel more connected and motivated to do their best.

  • Reviewing Employee Performance

Performance reviews are key for helping employees improve. Chatbots assist by collecting and analyzing performance data, giving managers useful insights for fair evaluations. They also make it easier for employees and managers to communicate feedback. By making performance reviews easier, chatbots save time and keep things transparent.

  • Employee Feedback

Based on employees’ feedback it is important to listen to what employees have to say and take action. It makes the company better. HR chatbots make it easy by doing surveys and polls regularly.

Chatbots give employees a simple way to share their ideas and opinions without saying who they are. The feedback helps HR make decisions that match what employees want. It makes everyone’s experience at work even better.

Top 10 HR Chatbots You Need to Know 

HR teams are using AI-powered chatbots to improve communication. Chatbots automate tasks and boost employee satisfaction also. But what are the best HR chatbots?

Here is a list of the top 10 HR chatbots:

1. MeBeBot


MeBeBot is an AI chatbot that fulfills the needs of HR, IT, and Operations teams. It gives you real-time insights. This tool works nicely with Microsoft Teams and Slack. With over 300 FAQs for the global squad, this chatbot is the best option for every HR professional. 


  • Real-time data insights for informed decision-making
  • Smooth interaction through native integrations
  • Global knowledge base for diverse needs


  • Challenges in handling complex queries
  • Limited customization for specific workflows
  • Dependency on integration capabilities


  • Available on request

2. Amber



Amber is designed to enhance the hiring process, it uses NLP technology for better query resolution. Targeting HR functions, this tool facilitates feedback collection during hiring and interviews through automated surveys. While it excels in HR-related tasks, its focus is relatively narrow. For pricing details, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Amber’s sales team.


  • NLP-powered query resolution for efficiency
  • Enhanced hiring experience and feedback collection
  • Automated surveys and pulse checks for continuous improvement


  • Dependency on NLP accuracy
  • Challenges in automated survey implementation
  • Limited scope to HR and hiring-related tasks


  • Available on request

3. Hubspot Chatbot Builder

Hubspot Chatbot Builder

HubSpot Chatbot Builder provides a user-friendly platform for automating live chat interactions, emphasizing lead qualification and appointment scheduling. The integration with CRM ensures data retention. Despite it is easy to use, advanced customization options are somewhat limited.


  • Simple chatbot building for quick implementation
  • Lead qualification and appointment scheduling features
  • CRM integration for data retention


  • Limited advanced customization options
  • Dependency on platform features
  • Challenges in handling complex conversations


  • Starts from $450 to $1,200/month

4. Drift


Drift specializes in AI chatbots for B2B groups. This tool offers instant engagement and personalized experiences. It comes with easy meeting scheduling with potential clients. Using NLP to sort visitor questions boosts efficiency, although tackling complex contexts may be tricky.


  • Real-time engagement and personalized user experience
  • Meeting scheduling for B2B organizations
  • Categorization of visitor questions for efficiency


  • Dependency on NLP accuracy
  • Challenges in complex context analysis
  • Limitations in handling diverse inquiries


  • Starts from $2500 per month

5. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat helps in real-time sales and support automation for websites. Their special chatbots do the heavy lifting for support, lead conversion, and boosting sales. Detailed reports spill the beans on how well the chatbots are doing. While their chatbot is great at real-time automation. Sometimes, it makes  interactions feel human might be a bit tricky.


Real-time sales and support automation

In-depth reports for performance assessment

User-friendly customization dashboard


  • Challenges in human-like interactions
  • Dependency on customization for effectiveness
  • Training is needed for advanced customization


  • Starts from $19.99 per operator/month

6. Phia by Peoplehum

Phia by Peoplehum

Phia, an HR chatbot by Peoplehum, focuses on streamlining HR tasks. Integrated with MS Teams, it offers direct access to HR data. Intelligent search capabilities and schematic matches contribute to efficient responses. However, challenges may arise in schematic matches, and integration dependency is a consideration.


  • Integration with collaborative platforms
  • Direct access to HR data within platforms
  • Intelligent search for efficient responses


  • Potential challenges in schematic matches
  • Dependency on integrated platforms


  • Available on request

7. presents itself as a modern HR helpdesk smoothly integrated into MS Teams. The GenAI Sidekick HR Chatbot provides instant and personalized HR support. This tool assists employees with various queries from onboarding to career development and feedback surveys.


  • Boosts employee engagement significantly
  • Seamless onboarding for quick effectiveness
  • Multiple tools for surveys and quizzes
  • Instant connection to HR experts


  • No user sign-in portal for access


  • Contact sales for customized plans

8. is an AI chatbot for HR that encourages open communication. Created by Skcript, it helps with manager-employee interactions and offers personalized solutions for employee engagement. It works seamlessly with Slack or Microsoft Teams for easy communication. While it promotes openness, there may be challenges in some situations.


  • Open and honest communication
  • Contextual and individualized employee engagement
  • Integration with collaborative platforms


  • Potential challenges in open communication
  • Dependency on platform integrations


  • Contact sales for customized plans

9. Ideal

Ideal is an AI chatbot made for HR to quickly sort through job applications. It helps make candidate interviews easier, engages with lots of talent, and handles tasks automatically. Just know that there might be some challenges with automated shortlisting, and it depends on how accurate the AI is. If you’re curious, you can contact the sales team for a personalized quote.


  • Shortlisting applications at scale
  • Streamlined and prioritized candidate interviews
  • Recommendations for hiring process improvement


  • Potential challenges in automated shortlisting


  • Contact sales for customized plans

10. Eightfold


Eightfold is a talent management platform that uses advanced AI for recruiting. It focuses on skills and offers useful insights for both individuals and organizations. However, there could be some challenges in handling diversity, and it relies on AI being accurate. For pricing information, you can contact the sales team.


  • Deep-learning AI for talent management
  • Skills-driven approach for talent insights
  • Assistance for multinational corporations


  • Dependency on AI accuracy
  • Challenges in Diverse Workforce Management
  • Need training for talent insights utilization


  • Contact sales for customized plans


The use of futuristic HR chatbots can bring countless benefits to an organization. From improving employee engagement and satisfaction to reducing the workload of HR personnel and improving efficiency, a chatbot will work as a valuable tool for any HR department. There is no doubt that investing in an HR chatbot will not only save time and money but also enhance the overall HR experience for both employees and HR personnel. So, the benefits of using one is excellent.

Be that with a pencil & a paper or a keyboard with a display, you can find the best version of Shahriar when he’s writing. After working on various niches including website templates, real estate, cybersecurity, customer service etc. for more than six years, Shahriar has turned his focus on the vast world of SAAS.

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Be that with a pencil & a paper or a keyboard with a display, you can find the best version of Shahriar when he’s writing. After working on various niches including website templates, real estate, cybersecurity, customer service etc. for more than six years, Shahriar has turned his focus on the vast world of SAAS.

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